I haven’t found myself using the camera much in the past week or so, at least, and so I brought it out today, realizing full well that you have already seen many pictures of my children playing under the sprinkler. What can I say, it’s summer. It’s what we do. Anyway, the kids have grown since the last time, and you may admire their different bathing suits.




P1030146 P1030147P1030151 






[A break here, as N.Lo changes into his actual swimsuit.]

P1030163 P1030165



Uh-oh, where’s he going…

P1030168 P1030169

Ah. Just getting a “container” to fill, like his sister.

P1030171 P1030172

Doesn’t quite work like the cup, but it’s still fun!

Later, I let K.Lo water the garden, or the squash plant leaf, as the case may be… She did a great job, and the leaf was thirsty no longer.

P1030177 P1030178

The rose bush and the schefflera tree also benefited from K.Lo’s assistance.



We also filled the dog bowl… and gave the water to the okra. Poor doggies.


Then, N.Lo wanted to take some pictures…cheese!

P1030204 P1030205

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2 peanuts:
  1. Andria says:

    Awesomeness. Love K.Lo's suit - it looks like you. And N.Lo looks like a little football player! Especially in the 2nd pic up from his bathing suit change.
    Water. . such entertainment!

  1. jenn says:

    This all looks like SO much fun! When I little, playing in the sprinkler was definitely one of the highlights of summer.