At our company, we don’t have a rigid routine, really, but our work days do tend to have a basic shape that helps our employees stay focused, happy, and productive. And from that routine, N.Lo has taken certain cues.

  • Lately in the morning, after getting his drink (always first request upon wake-up: “Drink!”), he will go to the living room and say, “Blue’s Clues.” The employees like to watch this show while the Manager wakes up, since it’s the crack of dawn prepares breakfast with the Kitchen Staff.
  • Sometime between 6:30 and 7 PM each night, N.Lo disappears to the kitchen and returns with the CEO’s glasses—for a story. He started this habit all on his own, after observing K.Lo’s story requests and the CEO’s response that he just needs his glasses first.
  • I took him out for a quick grocery store run yesterday, and as we pulled up, he said, “Target!” Funny! We don’t actually go to the grocery store much; if I do, it is usually on the weekends, when I can go by myself. Otherwise, shopping takes place at Costco or, obviously, Target.
  • Unrelated to any particular time of the workday, N.Lo often chimes in to K.Lo’s more brazen, i.e. loud and impatiently-toned requests. It’s the Four-Alarm Emergency Voice! Except it is like they are ganging up on Management for quicker service. Yesterday morning, both kids wanted eggs for breakfast and began chanting, “Egg! Egg! Egg!” incessantly, until we were both in tears. From laughter or panic? You decide.

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3 peanuts:
  1. devilish these ones.

    and i demand new sidebar pictures. they've grown by half since those adorable snaps were made belying their more subterfuged like sinister ways.

  1. Andria says:

    love the updated pics. And once again our work places so eerily similar!