K.Lo is certainly moving up through the ranks of our company. She’s taller, she’s (so much more than before) calmer. And she knows things.

  • While taking a bath tonight, K.Lo called for the CEO. Not the Manager, she would not do, but the CEO. He peeked in at activities, which included giving Sam the Babydoll his (her?) own bath, and then begged off, wishing to go sit down on the couch with a cup of coffee. K.Lo replied, “Can’t you drink your coffee in here?” Wow. Indeed.
  • She strings together very long sentences sometimes, with the right tenses, parts of speech, and everything. Sometimes the words tumble out slowly, like you can hear her thinking through the sentence construction, but she usually gets it right. I couldn’t help but tell her so, today, that I was proud of the long statement, even if she didn’t think anything of it, herself.
  • Depending on her mood, she can be more patient than in the past. Sometimes, the patience is there as a glimmer of What Might Be, Someday. For instance, she is rather persistent about being pushed on the swing immediately whenever we go outside. But sometimes Management can actually reason with her that she needs to wait a little while while we complete such-and-such task (i.e. clothes-hanging or sunscreen application), and she simply responds, “Okay,” and quiets down about it. A big improvement.
  • K.Lo is learning about the garden, and can pretty much point out every vegetable in the bed, save for okra and cilantro. I pointed out to the CEO that she can relate to the others: squash, cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes, pepper, but doesn’t have as clear a mental picture for okra and cilantro. (Yet.)
  • She tells big stories, and we especially look forward to Tales from the Outsourcer. Like last week, when they went out to play on the playground, and then it started to rain (imagine big eyes, and gesturing), and they all had to RUN inside! And they got all wet! It was a big event. I love it.

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4 peanuts:
  1. almost anonymous says:

    Fantastic new staff photos. She's sounding like such a big girl!

    My cousin's little girl has a baby doll called Heavy D. I'm fairly sure that's what she named it (not her parents).

  1. AW, fairly magical yes? it makes me want to schedule a surprise inspection soon.

  1. Andria says:

    The logic of an adult, sass of a teenager and awe of a child all rolled into one little being! isn't it amazing? And certainly keeps you on your toes!

  1. somebodys mom says: