• Lately, the employees have been resisting Management on Outsource Training at the gym, but finally on Monday, after two weeks away, we went. K.Lo had a big meltdown at the office, but we persevered, and neither child cried at drop-off, which was a first. At pick-up, both were sitting at one of the tables, coloring and talking to colleagues. We plan to go again tomorrow, now that the motivating factor of Managerial Sanity is evident.
  • N.Lo says, “Okay!” frequently, with varying intonations. “O. Kay!” or “O-ka-ay!” Management finds it quite charming.
  • Over the weekend, Management once again outsourced the employees to a parent company, giving us the chance for a night out with friends, while the employees enjoyed a sleepover. Word is, they behaved, although K.Lo went to sleep after midnight. Yikes! Both slept well the following night, in spite of a late Afternoon Break by K.Lo.
  • The employees like to get their exercise by chasing each other around and around in circles. Sometimes the circle extends to multiple rooms. The giggle like it is the greatest game ever, which it might be. Until someone loses an eye!
  • Yesterday, K.Lo barely ate a thing. Maybe a cupcake, that was about it. Everything else, she said, was “too yummy.”
  • Today for lunch, I put out for N.Lo one bowl of sliced hot dogs, and one bowl of peas. The hot dogs were in a bowl normally used by K.Lo, and the peas in a bowl that was more “N.Lo,” I guess. Although K.Lo was at the Outsourcer, N.Lo assumed only the peas were for him and he followed me into the kitchen, crying, “I want hot dogs! I want hot dogs!” Only it was, “I want dot dogs,” which made his dissatisfaction even cuter and more pitiful.
  • N.Lo collection of Linus-inspired security items is growing. Now it’s two blankies and a small Elmo. I introduced the backup blanket to take the place of the original, green blanket for laundering purposes. Lately, however, his overnight diapers are leaking, requiring laundry for both, which is both annoying and problematic. Do we need a third blankie, a backup for the backup?
  • K.Lo occasionally likes to help with the recycling, which means either taking or throwing recyclables downstairs. (We often throw them down the stairs into the den, and bring them to the laundry room to be sorted later, so the throwing is perfectly acceptable.) The other day she remarked, “Daddy take this so he can put it in the ‘cyclable store,” I guess thinking of when the CEO takes his weekly trip up to the recycling center. A cute, clever thought process.
  • She has finally caught on that Mommy and N.Lo actually go somewhere and do other things while she’s at preschool, and often asks. “Are you going home?” Or, “Are you going to the grocery store/Target today?” I usually try not to mention the library or other fun trips, but she does typically catch on based on the items we bring in the car with us. Smart cookie. 

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2 peanuts:
  1. Megan says:

    I almost has a stroke when I read that K.Lo was up past midnight! All's well that ends well, though, right?

    I think I need some tips from K.Lo about how to avoid all things but cupcakes because they are too yummy. This information would serve me well, I think.

  1. Andria says:

    I concur with Megan on the cupcake diet.

    Too cute that N.Lo wouldn't eat the hot dogs out of K.Lo's bowl!

    I love that she throws the recycling down the stairs. It's wild to see your habits and behaviors mimicked! I tossed Dellaina's sandals down to the landing today and Wyatt picked them up and threw them the rest of the way - only Dellaina happened to be in the way and got smacked rather hard! oops. I couldn't exactly get onto him, though, could I? I kind of demonstrated the technique to begin with.