A few months before an employee’s 2-year Date of Hire Anniversary at the Lo.Co., it is apparently mandatory to take a flying leap down a set of outdoor stairs and scrape up their faces in a most pitiful way. Additionally, the Manager’s career has officially been cut short by at least another couple of years.


N.Lo, N.Lo, N.Lo…

P1030556 P1030557

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5 peanuts:
  1. Beth says:

    Poor thing! I promise you, this is nearly exactly how Ben's face looked... only he was about 10 months old! It does stop the Manager's heart, no?

  1. penelope says:

    It really does! I know they're tough and heal fast, but it's still pitiful. Gave him some tylenol tonight in case he's got a headache, which I imagine he would!

  1. its actually an awesome sports shot- it may just be the orange, but something in his look and the bottle that make him seem like a rough and tumble sort of guy.

  1. Megan says:

    I'm pretty sure that I may have shortened my time with my company from looking at those pictures! (But M is kind of right - N.Lo does look a little bad ass drinking from his sippie cup like it's a Gatorade bottle, saying 'Yeah? So?')

  1. ~sarah says:

    ..and this is the scar from where i jumped off the stairs. and this is the scar from where i jumped out of the tree. and this is the scar from where i jumped the garbage cans with my bike...

    congratulations! you have a boy! : )

    hope he's on the mend!