• “DO-in’??” –N.Lo, asking or demanding to know, “What are you DO-ing?”
  • “I’m going to go see what’s going on in there.” –K.Lo, checking on N.Lo in the living room after a crash.
  • “Come here, buddy.” Or, “Say, ‘okay,’ buddy.” Or, “Go ‘head!” –K.Lo, encouraging her coworker.
  • “Can you put polish on my nails? My nails are dead/all shriveled.” –K.Lo, who apparently picks off the polish as a habit, so she can have on a different color. Also helps with nerves.
  • “Hello? Pop-pop?” –N.Lo, playing on the pretend phone.
  • “I’m ready to go to preschool!” –K.Lo, all dressed up and ready to go. Usually an hour before we are set to leave.
  • “Ready! I’m ready!” –N.Lo, ready to leave the office. Usually preceded by, “Shoes on?”

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3 peanuts:
  1. Holly says:

    I love reading your blog it is sooooo funny and I totally can relate as I have a 4 year old daugther and a 2 year old son. They to are the max and ruby pair.

  1. penelope says:

    Thanks, Holly! Isn't it fun? :) Do you have a blog, too?

  1. Holly says:

    No I do not have a blog, I am so horrible at that sort of thing... I am a surrogate right now and wanted to blog about that but never got started and now we are at 30 weeks. I am good friends with Jami and she has a link to yours, which I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE. I work full time outside the home so I love to read it to pass my time at work.