• K.Lo usually asks for a ponytail these days, calling it a pigtail and requesting that it be put “right down next to my neck.” As in, a low ponytail. It falls out a lot because her hair isn’t quite long enough. Not sure where she got the idea for a low ponytail, but it’s funny.
  • N.Lo is ready for a haircut. This cut will be completed by the CEO, but next time, it may be back to the haircut place.
  • K.Lo talks about how long her hair is (not really), and how she is going to go for a haircut soon. I suppose so!
  • She has also finally figured out that nails in need or polished are not actually “dead” or “shriveled,” but that they “have the paint all peeled off.” Requests for new polish still occur daily.
  • I always forget to trim N.Lo’s nails, which grow pretty fast. K.Lo chews hers off, has for the longest time, so I am not in the mode to think about grooming the littlest one.
  • Yesterday, for possibly the first time in three and a half years, K.Lo did not complain while having her hair washed, and actually listened and talked through the procedure of tipping her hair back so that water didn’t get in her eyes. (“Don’t get water in my eyes!” Because that is my goal. Sigh.)
  • N.Lo loves shoes, especially those that aren’t his. Management’s shoes can be fun but frustrating, as they simply won’t stay on. K.Lo’s are the best, especially her pink giraffe boots, as well as her green shoes with the ice cream cones on them.
  • Both employees have recently gone through a growth spurt and certain uniform pieces have been tight. I’m hanging on until the true change of season to sort through old and new and decide what items are needed.

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  1. Andria says:

    good update. love the low ponytail! so grown up!

    I'm waiting to sort through the bags of fall/winter clothes, too. I've been fielding questions from family about Wyatt's bday and tell them I don't know the answer yet for what he needs clothes-wise.