• K.Lo was told by the Kitchen Staff that she wasn’t quite ready to peel eggs herself yet, because the staff didn’t want to clean up the mess the peels could be sharp. They advised that one day, when she was bigger, she would be allowed to peel the eggs all by herself. K.Lo disappeared to the living room for approximately two minutes, came back and announced, “Do you see how big I am? I got BIG!”
  • N.Lo whispers a lot, especially his thank you’s, which he also enunciates with emphasis on “thank.” Thank you.
  • On our morning trip to Costco yesterday, K.Lo noticed the Christmas trees that were out already and had lots of questions: “Why are the Christmas trees out? Is it Christmas time yet?” Etc. The questions increased in excitement, and then: “Do you know what Santa’s going to bring me? MOVIES!” She listed Dora, as well as Max & Ruby. Duly noted! Christmas is going to be a whole lot of fun this year, I’m thinking.
  • K.Lo has been talking a lot about birthdays as well, possibly a little mixed up on whose is coming up next, or maybe just interested in what her party will be all about, when the time comes. She does know: “I’m going to be 4!” and, “My birthday is February 3rd.” As well as, “N.Lo is going to turn 2!”
  • This morning, the Kitchen Staff put out some cherry Pop-Tarts with sprinkles, which K.Lo proclaimed to be glittery jewels.
  • Can’t remember if I had noted K.Lo’s name for eggplant parmesan: Eggplant Farmer Jean. Not unlike the Farmer John’s Cheese our company used to serve years ago.
  • The traffic light on the way out of our neighborhood is the bane of my existence, and K.Lo is noticing. “What did you say, Mommy?” to which I respond with an edited, hopefully kinder version of the story. And then she’s beginning to get anxious about whether the cars in front of us go fast enough. Road Rage 101 is progressing well…
  • K.Lo now asks if we can go to the New Room and the Big Playground for preschool. Good deal! And sometimes she asks to go to preschool on off days, not understanding why it’s not possible to go. Soon enough, K.Lo, soon enough.

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5 peanuts:
  1. erin j says:

    Ahhh, Costco and the Christmas trees...WTH??? We saw them yesterday too. Though lately when Elijah ahs wanted a toy we talk about writing a letter to Santa. We walked down the toy aisle yesterday too and he is making a list in his little head. I fear there is a set up for disappointment on Christmas morning!! ;)

  1. AcidRayne says:

    Christmas might also bring K-Lo & N-Lo a new baby cousin... :D

  1. penelope says:

    Yay for new cousins! But will it be a boy or a girl...

    Yes, I think K.Lo is in for some disappointments as well, considering some of the presents she's been talking about, as well as her ideas for the next b-day party...

  1. Andria says:

    another new cousin?! yay!
    Christmas trees, really?! wow.
    love the big story.
    I really like Cherry Pop-Tarts. I always used the exciting sprinkles to my advantage, but love thinking of them as glittery jewels.

  1. AcidRayne says:

    O.O I want to know what her ideas are for the next birthday party... I daren't imagine...