Today we met up with a large group of other companies for a field trip to the farm. We needed a lot of other companies on board in order to get a good tour price, and so our organizer advised us to forward the interest email to others. From there, the group grew so large, we all weren’t exactly sure who knew who, originally. A great time, though: the kids husked corn to help create feed for the ducks, goats, sheep and chickens. Said “hi” to the rabbits. They could then ride the horses and/or take a tractor ride if they chose. Followed by a picnic under the trees. The weather could not have been more perfect, and it the excursion was overall a great, happy intro to Fall.




Waiting (restlessly) for the tour to begin.

 P1030986 P1030988P1030987 

Lots of farm dogs, including an alleged former circus star, who twirled.

P1030992 P1030993

Husking and de-kerneling the corn.

P1030998   P1030999


Taking the corn and feeding the ducks.

P1040004 P1040005P1040006P1040007

 P1040010 P1040011

Bunny time!

P1040012 P1040013  

P1040016 P1040017 P1040018 P1040022 P1040023

Chickens and geese and goats and sheep!


P1040032 P1040026

  P1040030 P1040031 P1040027 P1040033 P1040035 P1040037 P1040038

N.Lo went right in there with the chickens! K.Lo went in, then out, then back in again. My employees didn’t have interest in making like Rocky and trying to catch a chicken (smart?), but they did enjoy tossing some more feed.


 P1040046 P1040047 

 P1040051 P1040053

 P1040058 P1040059 P1040060 P1040066  P1040061P1040064 P1040069P1040065 P1040073P1040077 P1040074

K.Lo got up on the horse, then down, and back up again. And then didn’t ride. But, she tried! Maybe next time. I would need some time to work up the nerve, too…


Aw. I rarely get shots of the 3 of us. Fun!


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3 peanuts:
  1. Somebody's mom says:

    I especially like the beautiful sky reflection in the photos of the duck feeding.

  1. almost anonymous says:

    Good times. And no big scary geese in with the ducks.

  1. Andria says:

    wow, impressive organization of such a big group!
    love the pic of all 3 of you!