K.Lo truly came up with some gems today.

  • As we passed by the pumpkin patch on the way home from preschool, K.Lo very excitedly said, “Look! Pumpkins! Can we go to the Pumpkin Forest?”
  • As usual, she wanted to know what we did while she was gone, and so, amongst other things, I told her that N.Lo watched “Maggie and the Ferocious Beast.” She said, “Oh! Can I watch ‘Maggie and the Roasted Beef?’”
  • As Halloween nears, the requested butterfly costume is getting more detailed in K.Lo’s imagination. So far it is purple with sparkles. And, obviously, wings. She asks every day, “Can you make me a butterfly costume with [insert details here]?” To which I reply, “Of course I can.” Because I will!
  • The excitement is apparently brewing at preschool as well. According to K.Lo, “Chandler is going to be Batman. I mean, Spiderman.”
  • Did I ever mention “The Polish Barrette?” The Regional Manager reminded me of K.Lo’s interpretation of “The Polar Express.” Love it.
  • We played Hopscotch outside today. Keeping in mind that the rules are pretty loose here, and we don’t hop so much as gallop—still getting the hang of hopping on one foot. But K.Lo’s directions were so cute, very teacher-like. “Now, which color chalk would you like to use, purple, purple or white? Now draw a square… Very good, Mommy! Now draw a number inside…”


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3 peanuts:
  1. Will it be cute when I say such at 80? says:

    Still barefoot and barely any clothes weather. Excellent.

    M called butterflies Flutterbyes and it makes so much sense we use flutterbyes. Now that's the first time I've written "flutterbyes" or should it be "flutterbies" or "flutter-by"s?

  1. Erin Mc says:

    She is just so cute. I think a phone call with K Lo would be great.

  1. Ashley says:

    These are all so adorable...your employees are definitely precious :)

    I think those flowers might be Mexican Bird of Paradise, although the petals are shaped slightly different (more elongated) than what I've seen. We have a lot of them here in Arizona, they're probably my favorite of the few flowers that thrive in the desert.