• Other consistently unprompted acts of kindness by N.Lo: Pulling out chairs for the rest of the staff at meal times. Attempting to clean up dog poo in the yard with sandbox toys. Saying to the CEO at bedtime cleanup, “I want to help you, Daddy,” and sliding off the couch to help put all the toys away.
  • N.Lo accidentally shut himself into his cubicle last week and the rest of the staff didn’t notice at first. I finally heard a little voice repeating something like, “I’m stuck! Need the door open!”
  • When something drops, usually a piece of food, he remarks with earnest, “Oh no. What are we going to do now?”
  • N.Lo currently has a cold and has had some rough days because of it. Pretty whiny, clingy and cantankerous. Yay. Poor thing.
  • K.Lo, we’ve been having a rough time with again on the Night Shift. We outsourced supervision on Saturday evening, and though Management is most appreciative of some time out of the office, getting back on track is sometimes difficult.
  • N.Lo’s toothbrush had about had it (he chews rather than brushes), and so we went to Target for a new one. K.Lo thoughtfully suggested Transformers, though we didn’t see any there, so ended up with Spiderman. K.Lo’s toothbrush is fine, but she’s been talking for days now about her next toothbrush, which “we will go get at Target when my [her] Hello Kitty toothbrush gets old.” She will choose the Dora toothbrush. So cute.
  • Training continues to encourage some more independence in the workplace. K.Lo is the personality type that loves to engage others, which can be great fun; but, it is frustrating at times when Management begins to feel as though they are waiting on the employee hand and foot. Obviously, the latter isn’t acceptable for anyone, either. It is a tough line between a little bit of spoiling and creating a diva. Or a tough line between enjoying the employees’ smallness for what it is and pushing them out of the nest. The Manager strives to be patient, but firm. Spoil a little, but not too much. It wears me out.
  • The weather is cooling off again, temporarily, and the torrential downpours of last week have cleared up, so today we ventured outside to play.


K.Lo likes to stand on the swing. Big girl.



N.Lo whining, “Up! Please!”



K.Lo whining, “Push! Me!”



Getting a little too big for that swing, buddy… 



Looking to his coworker. Love this shot.



And this one.



We played basketball. With a football. I recently raised the height of the hoop, and am teaching K.Lo to toss it higher. She does very well!



These flowers come up every year, though I have no idea what they are. They look to me like fireworks.



Afternoon light, long funny shadows. This shot took some coordination, but the employees were surprisingly cooperative. N.Lo waved as well, but I was unable to capture with the way his body was turned. Hi!

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4 peanuts:
  1. Andria says:

    what a sweetie pie. and so cute. What a perfect Southern gentleman pulling out the chairs for everyone at dinnertime. I love the calm cry for help! I am amazed you came away with just a new toothbrush for N.Lo. and not both.
    Love the shadow picture! You look like a tall, lean giantess! with a tiny head, yes. funny.

  1. somebodys mom says:

    Lycoris radiata. Your photo looked as good as the one on the bulb website where I confirmed the name and variety.

    I am so impressed with this very sweet side of N.

  1. erin j says:

    Just an FYI... the spaceship playground (northside baptist with the big tall playground... you know where it is?) has lower basketball goals on one of their courts. it's pretty cool!
    love the shadow pic!!!

  1. pen says:

    Thanks! I knew greenish thumb would know the flower! :)