• K.Lo pronounces certain words with a very definitive Southern accent. The one I hear most often is “hair,” as in, “Can you do my hey-air?” I don’t know where she gets it from, but it makes me laugh.
  • N.Lo accompanied me to a business meeting today, and was impressively well-behaved. A series of snacks, including a peanut butter chip cookie the size of his head, was key in this operation. We did spill about a million tiny Cheez-Its, but it was at least an accident, not on purpose.
  • He does still throw things on purpose, however, when he is not happy with the situation. And if he wants his drink cup knocked over, he will continue to knock it over every time you stand it up again, just for spite. Funny.
  • K.Lo had what I believe was her first Show and Tell today. She typically brings an item for preschool to show her teacher as in icebreaker, so choosing wasn’t necessarily difficult… However, we ended up with a dubious collection of items, including one medium sized My Little Pony; the matching baby MLP wrapped up like a present in a still-wet baby wipe; a medium-sized ratty-haired green MLP, which I think she thieved from preschool on her birthday; my old, expired driver’s license, which K.Lo always seems worried that I still need; and a few wallet-sized pictures of her cousin. All in a pink purse with a butterfly on it. I was especially skeptical of the baby-wipe “wrapping paper,” but she insisted on the collection as a whole, and I figured a room full of 3-year-olds wouldn’t judge. They might even think it was cool?
  • I noticed most of the other kids brought a stuffed animal.
  • Preschool again went well today, although she had an accident waiting for me to address at pickup. Poor kid. I managed to clean up the mess with a favorable degree of patience and understanding, and may even have refrained from visible shuddering. Go, me.
  • We made sure to get in N.Lo’s nap this afternoon, and he slept for a good 3 hours, waking up smiling and curly-haired from the humidity.
  • The office did grow warmer this afternoon, and alas, the windows had to close again, and the a/c is back on. Necessary evil.

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