As previously mentioned, Fridays are not the best day around our office, for one reason or another. The day stretches on. The CEO is often otherwise engagedafter working at his other job—much deserved free time (Happy Hour, volleyball), but it does make my own day longer. Also, after a week of running around, I am often ready for a day of Down Time; while K.Lo, being K.Lo, is always ready for action and adventure. N.Lo, too, can get squirrelly.

Today hasn’t gone too badly. We filled up the morning with a successful trip to Costco, where the children behaved, tasty samples were eaten, and the purchase total wasn’t nearly what I imagined. Some minor disagreements have erupted in the office over use of office supplies, which is always trying. No major problems, though—until Afternoon Break.

N.Lo, in a fit of temper, threw his blankies outside the crib. I know, because instead of napping, he was screaming his face off for more than a few minutes. Also, I looked under the door. This same incident happened a couple of Friday’s ago, and the result was highly unpleasant. Obviously, what could I do then, but go in there and hand the poor kid his blankies? He can’t sleep without them. Of course, the sight of mommy leaving again stirred up a hornet’s nest of insult, and the cycle repeated, and ultimately, N.Lo missed his nap. No one was in a good mood after that.

I didn’t feel like going there again, one bit. So this time, I sent in K.Lo. I gave her instructions on what to do, and luckily, she was fully up to the mission. And this is why I love my employees and their current working relationship:

[Observed from around the corner]

K.Lo marches over to crib, picks up blankies. N.Lo has already stopped crying.

“Here you go, N.Lo.” More rustling as she hands him more items. Stuffed animals? Toys? Not sure.

N.Lo heaves a great big shuddering, sniffly sigh and says in the tiniest voice, “Thank you.”

K.Lo says, “Okay, now go to sleep. Night-night…” And she leaves, closing the door.

Silence from within as N.Lo falls asleep.

Problem solved! I could give her a great big hug for being such a good big sister (or my minion, depending on how you look at it). And in fact, I did.

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5 peanuts:
  1. almost anonymous says:

    Oooo. Nice background :)

    Fabulous solution. You get some big sisterly duties going and less headache for you. Gold stars all around.

  1. jenn says:

    Aww, how sweet. What a good sister!

  1. minions are awesome. and i'm so glad you believe in it like you do. |:D

  1. nifty says:

    just like magic.

  1. Andria says:

    too sweet. And I love it when things like that work out. I've also had them go the other way. . .