It’s difficult to convey exactly how ginormous this box is, delivered from Kohl’s the other day. I managed to knock out some Christmas shopping online for the employees and a few of our colleagues, and a large part of that shipment came at one time. This size box was by no means necessary, as it was not even halfway full, so I’m still a little shocked by it. But, the bonus is obviously the box itself. New fort! Merry Early Christmas! The CEO created windows, and I cut out the doors.


P1040514 - Copy

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2 peanuts:
  1. Andria says:

    sweet! Have you had those blinds and curtains? Maybe they are just normally open? It looks really nice!

  1. So cool. says:

    Big boxes are the best!

    I remember fondly the great big box from a new frig when I was little.