K.Lo, one morning when I turned on music instead of the TV: “Hey. I don’t want to listen to music every morning, because it makes my nose itch.”

K.Lo, in response to my saying Santa’s real name was Nicholas: “Noooo…”

N.Lo, after I put in the movie Emmet Otter: “Harry Potter? Watch Harry Potter?”

K.Lo this morning, about a small Christmas tree we put up yesterday: “The tree slept well last night!”

N.Lo was supposed to get a haircut this time around, as it’s been awhile since cut by a professional. Laziness mainly led to this weekend’s session with the hair clippers, and it came out well enough. He looks very boyish again. With huge blue eyes.

K.Lo is not so inclined to wear clothes that are appropriate for the weather. We picked out two sweatshirts at the store recently to motivate the employee, and today she is back in a dress more appropriate for spring. (Most of the warm-weather clothes are put away, but some must be kept out, as our weather isn’t consistently cold.) May have to resort to bribes.

K.Lo is not a sneakers kind of girl, but peer pressure at preschool must have won out, as she requested a pair last week. On a shopping trip with the Regional Manager, only one pair fit to her liking: Tinkerbell and Friends with blue sparkly trim. They light up, as well, which she demonstrates in response to all compliments—whether or not they are on her feet. *Bang.*

N.Lo was also outfitted in new Buzz & Woody shoes, black with green trim that light up. Thanks, RM!

Speaking of peer pressure and shoes and inappropriate clothing choices, K.Lo insisted on wearing flip-flops to preschool last week on a chilly day, because apparently a colleague named Cameron wears flip-flops to preschool, too. As a Manager who chooses her battles, I let her wear the flip-flops and packed a warmer pair of shoes in her bag… guess which ones she was wearing on pick-up?

Also (last shoe story), I see K.Lo’s pink sparkle shoes everywhere now, in red and silver, too. It’s funny to see trendsetting amongst the preschool set. It exists!

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