After a lovely Thanksgiving hosted by our company, we procured the company Christmas tree. Although the Manager may be overreacting (or is just lazy tired this year), it can’t be denied that N.Lo’s current phase of obstinacy paired with our company’s large supply of breakable ornaments would not be a good match. Also, we have had problems with our previous tree, particularly with the allegedly magical pre-lit bulbs. In short, we decided on a fresh-cut tree recommended to us by another company, and the plan is to decorate with N.Lo-friendly ornaments.*

So, the local tree farm is pretty much a Charlie Brown tree farm, with super-squat pine trees. Beach trees? I like to think so—it’s like local flavor, this unique, quirky lot. The bigger the tree here, the wider. Not taller. As our Conference Room isn’t huge, we went with smaller; as you can see, the chosen tree was not much taller than K.Lo. But really perfect. Every tree in the lot was $20, and the owners were friendly and helpful.

We put up the tree yesterday evening with lights and garland, and this morning, the employees started on ornaments. We’re not quite done yet, and I may go back and… tweak a bit. N.Lo’s army of ornaments on the bottom branches, for instance, is cute but needs attention.

The CEO also tackled exterior illumination today, outfitting our office in 50,000 Italian twinkle lights. Not really. But it too looks cute. Tried to snap a company photo in front of Tigger, but N.Lo was not a fan of the Santa hat, and K.Lo was more interested in a found sheet of bubble wrap.


P1040520P1040521 P1040522 P1040523


P1040526 P1040527

P1040528 P1040529 P1040531

*It’s true that I could put out all the ornaments and N.Lo would likely only break just a few. But overall this year, factoring in Managerial laziness and trepidation re: ornament battles, this tree and ornament selection were the best options. Don’t judge.

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5 peanuts:
  1. I'd like a small tree says:

    Love it! Why set up the sweet N-Lo for frustration. Go wholeheartedly for the non breakable. Lovely tree.

  1. almost anonymous says:

    I fully support the non-breakable. We have a few pictures of a Christmas tree surrounded by a baby fence, but at this age that would probably look like a great climbing activity.

  1. i'm judging.
    and i do love the hilarity of these strange squat beach trees. you and your sandy soils.

  1. Erin Mc says:

    OMG I love it. Looks like the tree we had last year. =) It is mostly for the kids anyway, right? Good choice

  1. ~sarah says:

    cute! when i was little, my mom would take me to pick out my own ornament each year and put the date on it. when i was little, i picked out all these wooden ones, very vintage toy-looking. and then when i got older i picked things like snowboarding coca-cola bears, and finally, in college, things i wanted to keep around for my eventual family. loved that tradition. it stopped once i graduated college. and now my mom has a ton of kid-friendly ornaments. : )