P1040472 These are all K.Lo. K.Lo, K.Lo, K.Lo…

  • “I put my milk cup in the sink like a ROCK STAR! High five!”
  • “I don’t like fish, it makes me feel like grown-up.” Which, according to the CEO (I was not aware), means throwing up. Lovely.
  • On Friday, the company doctor mentioned that, due to company medical history, the employees should perhaps cut back on such high-fat, high-sodium foods as hot dogs. So the Kitchen Staff purchased Smart Dogs this weekend, the squishy tofu knockoffs? And neither employee was fooled, or impressed. Management overheard K.Lo muttering to herself: “Hey… these are not yummy. I do NOT like these hot dogs.”
  • In the company car, impatient to get back to the office: “Mommy, these people aren’t driving very well…” (They were, in fact, fine—that time. Ha ha.)
  • Casual dinner conversation, directed at the Manager: “Are those your boobs? I have small hill boobs. See?” …What? Where? WHO TAUGHT YOU THAT?
  • The CEO said to K.Lo, “You really are a hoot.” K.Lo: “I’m not a FRUIT!

She uses her “teacher” voice quite often as well, which is fun. I like hearing her break down elaborate “lessons” for us on how to do a puzzle, wrap up a doll, etc. She starts her sentences with “now” a lot, and says, “You have to do such-and-such,” or, “Remember, you can’t do that-or-that because…” etc.

K.Lo also has teacher “volume” down, i.e. she knows how to project her voice, which may or may not be pleasant for her audience.

And, she’s gotten a little sassy, not necessarily in a fun way. While it’s interesting (embarrassing?), and at times cute or entertaining , to hear what she picks up on and relays back to us, she can and will cross the line. The employee is at times under the impression that our company is a democracy where all have an equal say, so if she is admonished for a behavior, then she can in turn admonish us for our behavior as she sees fit. While Management understands that it is the employee’s job to make mistakes throughout training, Management also expects the employee to listen when asked to stop or change said behavior when told. Especially after the third time. I’m just saying. K.Lo’s persistence and drive will serve her so well in the world, but it is also Management’s job to keep those characteristics in check.  

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4 peanuts:
  1. almost anonymous says:

    A rock star, indeed.

  1. Beth says:

    Oh. My. Word. 'Small hill boobs'?! Yipes. Seriously, where DO they pick this stuff up?

    I am beginning to feel lucky that we did, indeed dodge that girl "bullet!" :)

  1. pen says:

    I think preschool, on the boob talk, but hill boobs? I do not know. Am still a little speechless!

  1. Andria says:

    The other day (after being at day care) Dellaina just busts out with "Boobies!" and laughs and laughs. hmmm.