Management wishes sometimes that the holiday season included extended office hours. Wouldn’t that be nice? Our staff continues to challenge and delight Management daily; here are some recent more highlights:

  • K.Lo and her refusal to wear weather-appropriate clothes! Oi. Management is wise enough to know that her stubbornness on the matter is based in principle only, and mainly concedes to springtime dresses in December because one would sooner persuade a brick wall to dance. The Manager presumes that the employee will learn by consequence and eventually admit that cold limbs are easily amended by a lovely sweater. For now, K.Lo simply says, “I don’t care,” in the same tone of pseudo-ambivalence used by Management. Cute.
  • She did allow socks on her feet the other day and commented, “Socks make ALL the difference.” Which was, actually, very cute.
  • The employees like to "climb across” the company car, which means they want to enter using the door opposite from their seat. And there is always a race to get into the car first. So I was surprised, after hearing K.Lo complain about N.Lo getting in the car first, to see N.Lo willingly step down and allow his coworker to go first, very gentleman-like.
  • K.Lo has an absolute eagle eye at times. She can spot similar company cars around town, particularly matches of the CEO’s vehicle. How in the world she manages to pick out Mitsubishi Montero Sports out of a pack of SUVs, though, is beyond me.
  • Also, she requested to look at a particular cookbook lying on the counter, one she had never seen before. She saw the spine and said, “I want the Costco one,” recognizing the logo… Amazing for a little person who can’t yet read.
  • N.Lo has a cough lately, which can keep him up during Afternoon Break and on the Night Shift. No other symptoms, which is good. This morning he sweetly commented, “Oh, dear. I have a cough.”
  • A little later, he said something else with a raspy voice, and K.Lo laughed and laughed. She asked, “Where did N.Lo’s voice go?”
  • N.Lo, tending to copy his coworker in all things, was recently teased by Management for acting as K.Lo’s shadow, to which he said, “I’m not a shadow…” more than a little defensively.
  • And K.Lo, in a separate conversation, proclaimed, “’I’m the Manager!” Seriously, where has she heard the word "manager” before? Has she been reading this blog?
  • N.Lo, outside of Costco, asked, “Little kids doing over there?” about two little boys getting out of the car. The question style was much in the manner of his coworker and very carefully thought out.
  • N.Lo unlike his coworker, Chatty Cathy will quiet down when tired and sort of recharge his batteries, Linus-style. He holds his blankies up to his cheek or ear and sucks his fingers for awhile, until he has energy again.
  • Two more classic K.Lo comments: 1. Perhaps thinking of the Manager? “When I grow up tall, I’m going to do yoga poses!” 2. After the Manager spilled a drink cup outside, when loading the company car, K.Lo sang, “You better not cry… over that spilled juice… because Santa Claus is coming to town…”

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2 peanuts:
  1. almost anonymous says:

    Oh, so adorable :) Well, the altercations over appropriate wardrobe probably not so much.

  1. Somebody's mom says:

    THank you. Delighted by your postings as usual. I hope the seal repair does the trick and that you have warn dry days that will allow the car to dry out.