If it’s a nice day and K.Lo is outside on the playground at the Outsourcer, we usually stay for 5-10 minutes while the employees play. N.Lo and K.Lo made up their own thing where they go down the slide side-by-side and holding hands, giggling the whole time. Which was *so* cute until N.Lo’s foot caught on the slide and he flipped and tumbled face-first onto the ground.

I don’t know what K.Lo watched on TV or who she was talking to at the Outsourcer, but she occasionally mentions that if a person falls down and smacks his head, then cherry juice will come out. I’m not sure if this is horrifying or charming.

I love the conversation sometimes between the coworkers, how natural it sounds. Like N.Lo bringing a freshly peeled orange to K.Lo and saying in an inviting, let’s-share way, “Look, K.Lo, I’ve got an o-range!”

Christmas carols are a big hit now in the company car, and currently we are stuck on Andy Williams. N.Lo’s very favorite is the “Jingle Bells” mash-up, and K.Lo likes “Little Drummer Boy.”

I sang a line or two of something to N.Lo while buckling him into his car seat, and he smiled very big and said, “Mama, music in your mouth?” Aw. I should sing to him more regardless of talent-lack.

The Advent calendars are up in the workplace, and each employee is responsible for one, while I fill in the rest (we have 4…okay, 5). K.Lo hangs the little wooden ornaments on a tree with numbered hooks, which she takes care of first thing. “Which number is today? Look, Mommy, I put a [insert angel, Santa, snowman, etc. here] on the tree!” Meanwhile, N.Lo helps with the plastic canvas tree, and I’ve given up telling him where to place each piece, or moving them afterward. I’ll take a picture soon of that one in all its awesomeness.

The Outsourcer will hold its holiday performance soon, and K.Lo is preparing with a host of Christmas songs. I’m not sure what it all involves, although I’ve caught snippets of “Rudolph,” “Drummer Boy,” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” The employees will wear their pajamas for the performance. Also, while K.Lo practices enthusiastically at the office, she only half-believes me when I mention the show for Management. I’ve already told her that whatever she’d like to do is fine, either sing for Mommy and Daddy and N.Lo, or sit with us instead. She changes her mind on what she’ll do minute to minute, and with equal enthusiasm.

When the CEO returns home for the day from his other job, K.Lo and sometimes N.Lo will hide. “Let’s hide, let’s hide!” The hiding spots are usually something like, "Under the Manager’s legs!” but it’s too cute to see how long they hold out. Thirty seconds, maybe. Or five.

If N.Lo bumps his head in any way or anywhere close to his forehead, he says, “I. Hit. My. Eyebrows!” He strings together the sentence haltingly but with a lot of thought.

K.Lo has a duck on a stick that she pushes around the house, from the Company Inspector, and she has named the duck “Buckbeak.” So proud.

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4 peanuts:
  1. Beth says:

    Oh my goodness, "I hit my eyebrows!" is too cute!

    So the other day in the car, Feliz Navidad came on the radio. I turned it up a little and was singing along, when I heard clearly from the back seat, "Stop singing, Mommy!"

    I was appalled.

    I laughed, and said, "What?" and heard again, ever so clearly, "Stop singing! Don't LIKE that!" Sigh.

    Oh, and cherry juice?! Yipes! I swear my employees are going to have to work from home, for fear of all this exposure at the Outsourcer!! :) Ha ha.

  1. pen says:

    Oh, I do get told allll the time to stop singing! By both employees. Sometimes they're playing a game, sometimes, not so much. Also, K.Lo likes to say, "I can do it by mySELF," meaning she doesn't want anyone else trying to sing with her. Sigh.

    That Outsourcer... it's like turning them out onto the streets, all the the things they pick up! ;)

  1. everything seems in order here, move along, move along.

  1. Andria says:

    music in your mouth? hit my eyebrows! TOO CUTE! love it.
    We need some good Christmas music over here.
    D & W love to hide when Greg comes home as well. It's usually under a blanket on the couch or in the pantry.
    I would love a new Advent calendar (ours is a cloth snowman with a little snowflake you move into pouches each day), but can never seem to find one I really like.