N.Lo likes to “hide” in fairly obvious but endearing locations, such as K.Lo’s closet, and say, “You found me!” when you do.

Classify N.Lo in any other way but N.Lo, such as “my employee,” or “K.Lo’s coworker,” and we will say half cheerfully and half defensively, “No…I’m N.Lo!”

Every morning and evening the employees are allowed to turn on the tree or outdoor lights, and they like to battle it out: “It’s MY turn! I want to do it!” as the lights click on, off, on, off, until Management says, “Stop.”

K.Lo occasionally address inanimate objects as though they are people. “Here you go, wall…” or “It’s okay, Christmas tree…”

When watching certain training videos or reading training manuals, K.Lo asks, “Where is so-and-so’s mommy and daddy?” when sometimes there isn’t an answer. Hmmm. They’re on vacation? Usually the characters are dogs and cats.

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  1. ~sarah says:

    ha ha, i still address inanimate objects as though they are people, especially my car! : )

  1. almost anonymous says:

    I talk to my car all the time. Usually encouragement and apologies :)

    It means we've got imagination, right?

  1. Beth says:

    Ben likes to hide in the same place over and over and over again. And if you play along, saying, "Where's Ben?" as if you don't know, he will jump up and say, "Right HERE!" Ha ha ha.

    And I used to talk to my closet in college. Like, "Hmmm... which one of you shirts do I want to wear? You? No, you're stained... you? Yes, you. I'll wear you." My roommate thought it was hilarious, which of course just made me do it more often. :)