Remember that moment at the end of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when Ferris is attempting to erase the miles off Cameron’s dad’s car with a block of concrete and the car set in reverse, and the car slips from its hold and zooms backward into a spectacular crash through the glass, into the air, and down into the woods of Cameron’s backyard? We had a moment like that in our office yesterday, in miniature.

N.Lo, you may recall, received a remote control car this year from Santa. It’s a neat little toy, as the steering works by motion sensor, similar to a Wii. No joystick. Easy to use for all ages, even the Manager, who may or may not enjoy egging on the Canine Staff, especially Bender. So, the Manager, or Housekeeping, or the employees—let’s say it was the employees, shall we?—happened to leave the car and its steering wheel on the kitchen table. N.Lo, eating an early dinner by himself at one end of the table, was unseen by Management and the Kitchen Staff, who were catching up on workday briefings just around the corner. Out of nowhere, a vroom, a crash, an insulted cry. N.Lo’s plate of ham and peas spilled everywhere. The Canine Staff immediately on cleanup job. More tears. Chaos!

Apparently, the little employee grabbed the steering wheel and pressed go. Oops. I swear I didn’t laugh… Just remember, if you do happen to purchase this great toy for your staff: not recommended for table use!

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