Today was our employees’ first trip to the dentist. I’ve put it off for several reasons: first insurance (or lack thereof, at the time), then age, then the simple fact that it’s the dentist. Who likes the dentist? Not I. Well finally, after receiving multiple recommendations for one particular dentist’s office, acquiring the all-important dental insurance, and allowing the requisite 6 months to pass with the item MAKE DENTIST APPOINTMENT on my to-do list, I did, and we went.

It was not bad.

The office is very kid-friendly, the staff is great. And they did not expect much out of either N.Lo or K.Lo, which very much took off the pressure. K.Lo warmed up a little to the hygienist’s explanation of procedures, i.e. laying back in the chair to watch the ceiling TV while having teeth looked at and “brushed.” She felt some of the tools. N.Lo seemed more into the whole proceedings at this point, I will note. Ultimately, K.Lo did not sit in the chair, but did stand near the hygienist and allowed her teeth to be brushed with her new Snow White toothbrush and the chosen bubble-gum flavored cleaner.

The most tedious part of the whole visit was waiting in-between K.Lo and N.Lo’s cleaning. New and stressful situation for all, general patience levels lacking for those under 3 1/2 feet, the denied requests for more than 1 sticker from the big sticker roll. And all the stuff to carry. Winter coats, scarves, purse, bag, and more bags: dentist goodie bags filled with toothbrushes and floss gadgets and magnets. And t-shirts! And the treasure chest toys! I thoroughly appreciated it all, but add in the 30-lb anxious toddler who insists constantly on being held as well, and sheesh.

N.Lo’s cleaning basically involved a “lap exam,” where he sat on my lap facing me and leaned back headfirst onto the dentist’s lap, where he was more or less cooperative. Impressively cooperative, in fact, considering some of N.Lo’s recent moods and demands. He didn’t enjoy it as much as the tool show earlier, but he didn’t fight much, either.

And that was about it! They had their pictures taken at checkout. They looked at the saltwater fish tank on the way out, and we were on our way. It was a “baby steps” sort of visit. N.Lo was not expected to even lay back in the chair—just a quick look was the bare minimum requirement. K.Lo should have lain in the chair and had an actual cleaning, but did not, and that was also okay. Next time, more familiar with the place, the employees may be more open the chair, and the cleaning, etc. That is the hope. But still no pressure. Which is a relief—as well as the fact that both are cavity-free, with well-spaced and fairly clean-looking teeth, in spite of their once-daily brush schedule. We are working on it. Baby steps.


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  1. once a day is like! i don't know. amazing. i mean you know my habits. so ... i say, bravo.