Management has had to get serious, once again, regarding K.Lo’s training in the Employee Rest Room. We are hoping against all hopes that this Incentive Program will be the very last in what has been quite an arduous production. We are back to a sticker chart. It’s like we’re starting from Square One… But never mind that. Here is how the program works:

Each row on the chart has 7 spaces. One sticker is earned for every potty success, which for the almost 4-year-old means making it to the potty on time, requiring no clean-ups or uniform changes, and flushing. Should any of these three points be violated, a sticker is lost. At the end of each row, a Special Treat is earned. Since Saturday, with mixed levels of both success and interest, K.Lo has earned two Special Treats. One was a bookmark craft, and the other was a headband with ribbons on it—very Valentine’s Day-ish. Treats waiting in the wings are: a pink tin mailbox container, a Conversation Heart pillow, a Valentine’s stamp set, and two bow barrettes with red sparkly hearts. For those I’d like to thank the Target Dollar Bin, which at times like these, I love so very much.

So, we’re attempting to make this a serious effort while remembering that it’s not the only thing happening in the company and in each of our careers. There are other things. Successes and projects and admirable work habits all around. And so many worse problems for a company or employee or manager to have. We will work our way through this issue just like the rest. We will succeed.


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3 peanuts:
  1. erin j says:

    YES!!! You will succeed! Also as I started reading your list, I thought... I think I saw everyone of those things at... why yes the Target 1 dollar section... FREAKIN' LOVE that section!!!!

  1. almost anonymous says:


    Or else she'll learn laundry and cleaning chores early. That's a win-win, no?