When the Manager moonlights, there are no notes for the Lo.Co. file. No pictures. No end in sight. The Manager is tired.

It will get better. This week contains a deadline and a learning curve and a dash of frustration. Maybe you can match up each moonlight job with its description. (It’s not difficult.)

At any rate, here are some of things happening in our office:

  • K.Lo’s party was moved from one Saturday to the next due to inclement weather. Although I don’t put much stock in the extended forecast, so far, it doesn’t look great. Contingency plan will involve a small, indoor party. Maybe. Please stand by.
  • N.Lo has a belly again! Apparently his growth pattern is belly out, stretch up, belly out, stretch up… I love that about N.Lo.
  • K.Lo’s favorite art media at the moment is Scotch tape. Lots and lots of Scotch tape. I’m kind of torn on letting her play with it, but it keeps her quiet and seems to be such a source of joy. And it’s not that expensive, really, so why not.
  • K.Lo went on an Outsourcer field trip to the “BIG library down the town.” And she will tell you all about it, from the bus ride, to the steps, to the stories that were read. Managers were encouraged to attend, and K.Lo’s class must have been informed, as K.Lo excitedly said to me beforehand, “And then you’re going to meet us there!” Well… I hadn’t planned on it. But, okay. I imagined several Managers there, and a crushed little Manager-less K.Lo and couldn’t handle it. So we went. Frankly, it was not the greatest decision, as I was only one of three Managerial Staff members present, and K.Lo, while happy to see me and N.Lo, didn’t respond well to the collision of worlds. The outing ended in tears. But later, attending Managers were given a certificate of participation, which is rather silly, but somehow encouraging. At least our presence was appreciated, if not completely successful.
  • We have big plans for K.Lo’s actual birthday. Park time in the morning. (Maybe I should just bring the pinata and call it a day??) Cupcakes, friends, and more friends in the afternoon. And lots of presents! This year is the first that we’ve kept all the presents under wraps, from both us and far-away family. Should be fun.
  • N.Lo continues to prove that he’s not completely impressionable and does, in fact, have some fire inside. Which is good. Even when obstinate behavior becomes a challenge to smooth operations. In the midst of his fits, he is still, as the CEO noted, terribly cute.
  • K.Lo has been sailing through her potty charts: Hooray! Some of the Special Treats have been duds, but this is what happens when you shop the dollar bins. I’d call it an 85% success rate, which isn’t bad. One bonus is that the treat selection always changes. Last week it was Valentine’s Day, and now we are on to St. Patrick’s Day and Tinkerbell. One of the biggest hits, strangely, has been socks. I feel like I have been rewarding Dobby, with the socks.
  • The coworkers alternately cooperate and argue like, well, good coworkers.Typically, arguments erupt over office supplies, as they would in any office. Management tries to refrain from intervention, unless the situation escalates into excessive shouting or bodily combat. Lately, though, the arguments are over who gets to say what. For instance, when we round the last corner on the way back to the office, the employees like to say, “We’re hooooome!” Which is so cute. Except now it’s, “No, I want to say ‘We’re home!’ and “No, I want to say it!” and “YOU CAN’T SAY IT, I’M SAYING IT!” and then crying, followed by, “Mommy, N.Lo yelled at me!” Sigh. Words, really? We are fighting over words.
  • N.Lo and I both got haircuts last Sunday. A parent-child special for $20. Frankly, I was nervous—for me, not him. But, it was in-between trim, and ended up being fine-ish. For the moment. N.Lo was a champ, and didn’t flinch a bit during his haircut, which took place in an airplane seat. (I sat in a regular chair. By the way.) During my haircut, he played by himself over on the pirate ship slide and with the toy table, and then cleaned up after himself. Sheesh! Really couldn’t have asked for a more perfect trip to the haircut place.

Here are some pictures, just a few.

P1040836 K.Lo at the princess party a few weeks ago. It took place at a children’s museum, and this pic is from the karaoke station. The Ariel dress isn’t ours, but K.Lo loved wearing it for a little while.



There are no great pictures of our haircuts, try as I did. This one is passable.

Random, but I like these pictures of K.Lo, and then the one of the trees. Cypress, I think? Even (especially?) in the winter, they really are beautiful.

 P1040827  P1040830P1040831

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  1. Beth says:

    I love that N.Lo has a belly "again." I hadn't put my finger on it, but Ben is exactly the same way! He had a belly for a long time, got active, it went away. Then it sort of came back, then he got tall and started walking, then he got picky, lalala... anyway, just the other day I was noting that squishy protrusion which is his belly, and thinking - he's finally EATING again! Ha ha. I mean, he never *stopped* eating, he just didn't eat as much. As often. Or whatever. :)

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  1. Andria says:

    need to re-read before commenting, but did want to say the trees are awesome. I think Cypress are the Christmas tree looking ones, though. I thought they might be Oaks or Live Oaks, which are what are in Savannah with the moss, but not sure these are gnarled enough, but it's driving me crazy because I should know.

  1. pen says:

    bald cypress, i meant to say. :)

    ugh, what is UP with these spammers??