• The employees are both addicted to pretzels lately.
  • Workplace conversations have increased in entertainment value. For instance, on the way to the dentist, K.Lo and N.Lo discussed whether or not each was scared, and whether they should be scared. Also, they often argue semantics, fighting over the meanings of certain words, or the locations of objects.
  • Work on K.Lo’s office space is nearing completion. The Regional Manager and Manager have painted the ceiling and walls. Curtain and princess bed installation will take place on Jan 30. Pictures to come at that time.
  • At the Outsourcer today, K.Lo’s class made Super Vegetable Soup in honor of Mr. V. Each employee was assigned to bring in a vegetable; ours was okra. I had predicted K.Lo would go hungry, and sure enough, her teachers noted at pick-up: “K.Lo went hungry today… she ate half a cracker.” So very amusing. While she will eat certain vegetables, okra is absolutely not one of them, and she does not generally enjoy soup.
  • It is birthday party month! K.Lo and I have attended three so far, with another this weekend, and K.Lo’s on the last Saturday of the month. All have been fun; N.Lo stays home with the CEO for “Man Days,” and certain projects have been completed during this time, such as a shelf for N.Lo’s cubicle. The Manager loves organizational items, and so highly approves of Man Days. Additionally, K.Lo has deemed the party-going as “Ladies Day,” which is declared with a high-five.
  • K.Lo like to talk. Obviously, this news is not earth-shattering, but it has helped recently to simply acknowledge that she is Chatty, and perhaps not everything she says has to be taken so seriously. The trick is, how to respond in a way satisfies the chattiness without leading us down an unfavorable path. Always a challenge.












From a party day, aka Ladies Day, playing with a parachute. So much fun!

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  1. ~sarah says:

    Chatty, eh? Prepare yourself now for notes to come home all through elementary school about talking too much during class. My mom had to deal with several of those... Funny thing was, I was definitely a shy kid. But put me next to my friend in class and I would not shut up! : )

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