• P1040969K.Lo told the Manager, “Open up so I can see your belly.” Followed by: “Oh. What’s that peanut?” Meaning the uvula.
  • The Kitchen Staff does prefer cookies made from scratch, but the Pillsbury holiday cookies are pretty fun sometimes, too.
  • There were 4 small pieces of chicken on K.Lo’s plate last night in the cafeteria, and Management advised to finish all 4 if she wanted to have a cookie. K.Lo said, “But I don’t want to eat the stinger!” referring to a small end piece that did, actually, look like a bee’s stinger. She was allowed to eat the other 3 pieces for a cookie.
  • The employees are growing again, all of a sudden, especially K.Lo. For a few weeks now, she has complained that all her underwear are “wedgie panties,” and indeed they’ve seemed a little tight, in addition to a few shirts and pants. Today we bought two new sets of 7, Dora and Tinkerbell, at Kohl’s, which K.Lo later told the gym daycare ladies was the place to buy panties.
  • We solved the shoe issue today as well with a pair of brown and pink Mary Janes that shouldn’t fall off her feet at the Outsourcer tomorrow. (Sigh.) The shoes were a lucky find, as most styles didn’t come in her size regardless of price, but these—these were about $5 on clearance. I’m still in shock that she agreed to them. Clearly the stars were aligned on this purchase, and I expect it never to happen again in the employee’s career with the company. 
  • Both employees have fallen into a new, post-teeth brushing routine at night, which involves taking Management’s hands and 1-2-3-jumping all the way from bathroom to bed. It’s cute. Also, N.Lo becomes very giggly as he insists, “No, I want one more hug. And one more kiss,” forever, until we finally say good-night. How is one to resist?

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  1. i am looking forward to observing all of these proceedings.~!