• N.Lo likes to tell stories about seeing ghosts or dragons. “There’s a ghost in the living room, Mama!” Or, “I saw a DRAGON in the car. Roar!” Quiz him further to find out what colors these apparitions are, and he will tell you like he saw them.
  • K.Lo, having just turned 4, is already excited about turning 5. She hasn’t forgotten the time I mentioned in passing that one does not ride the school bus until she is 5. She follows up very excitedly with, “And I’m going to go to a new school!” I wonder what’s going to happen when she turns 5 and a) discovers there are 6 more months until the school years begins and b) she might not even ride the bus. That’s kind of a longer post for another day, but to make the story short, the Manager isn’t a fan of the bus, and would prefer to drive the employees, whom she instinctively feels will not like the bus, either. Not to mention, our street is assigned to what is, essentially, a crappy school with self-admitted low academic standards, and we will be trying like hell to gain admittance to either a charter school or any one of the 3 schools we are allowed to apply for under the county’s open-choice policy. Like I say: longer post for another day. I’m sure you can tell I’m not at all concerned about it, a year in advance.
  • Yesterday on the way to the gym, my car slammed into one hell of a pothole and K.Lo asked, “What was that?!” I explained three times that it was called a pothole, to which she kept saying, “WHAT? I can’t hear you!” So by the last time, I pretty much shouted, “Pothole!” N.Lo then asked, “What was it called?” K.Lo paused, thinking hard, and said, “It’s a hothole, N.Lo!”
  • K.Lo and N.Lo are increasingly affectionate of the Canine Staff, which is nice for the whole company, considering that the Canine Staff used to be our main office workers, until we hired humans. They give the dogs hugs when we return to the office, and N.Lo looks for Bender, who sleepily comes out from the back bedroom. “There’s Bender!” he says. “I missed you!”
  • The shoes we bought for K.Lo’s Date of Hire Anniversary were a little too small—or really, just right, fit-wise, but K.Lo likes a little space with her feet. So I returned the shoes the next day, and found a replacement pair at Target. I bought the smallest size they had, which was 2 sizes too big, but I figured she’ll grow. Instantly when trying them on, she exclaimed, “They fit perfect!” even though there is an inch of space between heel and shoe. She wore them to the Outsourcer today, however, and apparently had some issues. “I fell in my new shoes and Miss Jenny looked in my bag and there weren’t any other shoes.” This story led to a minor meltdown and some guilty feelings for the Manager that I hadn’t packed backups. Several minutes later, K.Lo asked, “Mommy, can we buy some new shoes?” Sigh.
  • Luckily, new rain boots arrived today from Andria & Co., which are fabulous and the perfect size. They are pink, complete with butterfly face and glittery wings painted on the sides. K.Lo wore them the rest of the work day, indoors. And, of course, with no pants.

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  1. reply:

    and i love dragons!

    of course.

  1. Andria says:

    ooh, like the new background (I heard mention, but sorry I've been a little MIA)

    eek, ghosts! not sure I'd be able to handle asking him too many follow up questions about it for fear of freaking myself out. but, yeah, dragons, cool.

    yay! so glad they arrived and fit and were well received! I demand pictures, though, of this pantless, boot-wearing princess.

    word verif: fungic -- like fun and magic combined, new word!