K.Lo’s long-awaited celebration with colleagues took place today at the park. Overall, I would call it a great success! The key factor remained the weather, which magically cooperated. It was chilly, but after one rescheduling, one park switch due to excessive mud and one hell of a wind-and-rain storm yesterday evening, gray skies were a blessing. The cake, too, turned out just as the Kitchen Staff desired, with the help of certain tools from the craft-store baking aisle, namely buttercream frosting, purple coloring and edible glitter. It was a basic sheet cake with a Cinderella toy set (from Target) on top. Voila! The homemade piñata, which I hope to soon procure pictures of, was also a hit, and the kids all seemed to have fun on the playground. We’re grateful to our colleagues for braving the cold air to come celebrate.

And, with that, the Manager can’t lie when she says she is so glad it’s over. Even the most basic celebrations for employees are so much fun, but a whole lot of work! K.Lo’s expressions while we sang “Happy Birthday” (see below), of course made it all worthwhile.

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  1. jenn says:

    So glad that everything went well. I love the cake! I didn't even know they made edible glitter--wow!

  1. erin j says:

    We had a blast! I didn't think the weather was bad at all!! K.Lo's face was ABSOLUTELY priceless as we sang! Pure joy!