• P1050446N.Lo is sort of outgrowing Afternoon Breaks. Only sort of, because sometimes he will sleep, sometimes he’ll kick the wall and babble for an hour and a half, and sometimes he doesn’t go on Break at all. But, if he doesn’t take a nap for a few days in a row, it catches up with him in the form of crankiness and falling asleep at his desk. (K.Lo had “tucked him up” in this picture, whispering all the while.)

  • K.Lo is full ideas for work projects, some of which drive Management a little nuts, mainly due to timing: either the ideas come in too quickly, making it impossible to settle in to a given project, or else the suggested idea comes at the wrong time of day … and K.Lo doesn’t easily take “no” for an answer. However, a lot of the ideas are also very good, and feasible. Like the time she proposed purchasing a $10 slip-and-slide at the grocery store. Or the snowball fight we had using a mountain of paper from the recycling bin. Or outdoor picnics, just for fun.


  • N.Lo, in accordance with his age and decrees from the Twoville Offices, must do everything for himself, which is admirable and even cute – except when our company is in a hurry. And, the Manager has a mild worry that we’re fostering an OCD work style. Like when the employee has to hit every single automatic-door button going into and exiting from the library. Or when he takes the package of wipes all the way back to his own cubicle and brings them out again, because he wanted to do it. And so forth.


  • Housekeeping changes employee bed sheets “as needed,” which might be a little lazy of them, but in the past work week, the staff changed N.Lo’s bed sheets no less than 3 times, for various reasons. Laundry Fairy is not pleased, and has a lot of catching up to do on Monday…


  • K.Lo likes to watch “Fashion Show,” a.k.a. “Project Runway,” occasionally with the Manager. The other morning, she pretended to be the host, saying things such as, “One of you will be out.” And, “Go in the living room and work on your challenge. I’ll be right back to check on you!” And, “Bailey is on the runway.”

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  1. Beth says:

    Ben's afternoon breaks are exactly the same. Sometimes he takes them, sometimes he kicks the wall/talks to himself, sometimes he doesn't sleep at ALL... but that can't happen too many days in a row. He will take a coma-nap. And he will not want to wake up. Even for a cookie. :)

    I kind of learned when Ben was a baby to only change sheets as needed, because I SWEAR every time I changed a 'clean' sheet just because it was time to change them, it would get peed on, pooped on, or spat on within the day. If you change a sheet before you NEED to, you'll be changing it again soon.... that's my motto anyway!