N.Lo, every night: “I love you! Sleep tight! Don’t kick the wall!” Because he does, all the time.


K.Lo, noting N.Lo’s yawn: “You’re tired, buddy. You need a nap.”

N.Lo: “No! I’m not tired! I don’t need a nap!”

K.Lo: “Yes, you are. You yawned. You’re tired and you need a nap.”

N.Lo: “No! I’m not tired! I don’t need a nap!”



K.Lo: “Ohhhhh, Bailey. Isn’t she such a cutie, sweet dog?”


N.Lo, noting babies in the store: “Hey, that’s a cool baby.”


N.Lo, when playing with toys that light up or do other tricks: “Hey, Mommy? That’s pretty neat?”


N.Lo, about everything: “NO! I. Want. To. Do It. MYSELF!” And then he will go back and undo whatever Mgmt did, just so he can do it himself.


K.Lo: Lots of things that will not be repeated here, because they are all songs and sayings themed around potty humor. Yes, we’re at *that* phase. Fun! Especially in the cafeteria. And especially with her coworker’s participation.


K.Lo: “I’m going to ride my Jet Bubble bike!” She is referring here to N.Lo’s tricycle, which she is too big for, but rides anyway because her new bike with training wheels makes her nervous. A Jet Bubble bike is from Mario Kart Wii.

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3 peanuts:
  1. Beth says:

    Oh, my GOODness, does Ben ever kick the wall from his bed, as if it were his JOB. It drives me NUTS! Especially since he shares a wall with Matt's room - oy!

    When I put him to bed or down for a nap, he usually says, "I love you! And remember," VERY seriously here, "NO getting out of bed until Mommy comes back." Picture wide eyes and a slightly nodding head. Too funny!

  1. pen says:

    Aw, that is so cute!

    Why, oh why do they kick the wall? Or "drive" trucks and cars along the wall, which makes a big scraping sound?

    I think I just answered my own question. Noise. :)

  1. Andria says:

    Wyatt has wooden floors (the fake kind) so he doesn't kick the wall as much repetitively, thank goodness, but he just pushes his crib away from the wall constantly, so I'm always pushing it back, but at least once he's done it to a certain point, there's no more to do and he moves on. to throwing things out or what have you.