*Whenever Management plays MarioKart Wii and wins a race, N.Lo says: “High Bumps!” He means fist bumps, which have somehow replaced the High Fives of yore. First it was one fist bump, and now it is a double.


*At the start of the Day Shift, K.Lo is responsible for changing out her Night Shift pull-up and into underwear. The past few mornings, it seems like Management has had to pester and prod a bit too much. Today when we arrived at the Outsourcer, however, it suddenly occurred to K.Lo that she was still wearing her Pull-Up. Oops. Luckily, she has great teachers who asked why she was upset and helped her right away with the backup uniform drawer. Management was extremely grateful.


*N.Lo and Management are currently dealing with the World’s Worst Diaper rash, which is just not fun at all. It’s painful for everyone, really, to see N.Lo scream in pain. And vexingly, it seems to have been caused by healthy foods, blueberries and now watermelon. What in the world? Management is caring for it the best they can and hoping it’s gone soon…


*K.Lo, in her 4-year-old honesty, says some lovely things to the Manager, such as “Mommy, your knees are all blown up.” (Meaning big, I guess.) Or, “Mommy, you shouldn’t wear that dress to church, it will not be beautiful.  Sigh.


*One morning at breakfast, N.Lo whistled – such a surprising sound that I wasn’t sure what I heard at first. He was very proud, but then wouldn’t try again because, as he said, “No, I already did whistle.” Clearly he would not be performing any tricks for the Manager’s sake.


*Favorite song lyrics, by K.Lo: “All the single Shreks, All the single Shreks!”


*Our company did make it to see Shrek last week, and the employs sat still enough, which is all Management can really ask. K.Lo did ask why we didn’t have to wear glasses, because the only other 2 movies they’ve seen in the theater were in 3-D. Also, Management will be writing a letter to Regal, because apparently N.Lo is supposed to be free… and no one had ever asked his age before this past trip to the theater.


*Two things that keep K.Lo very quiet are: swinging, which she’s at last learned to do by herself – every Manager’s dream! And shelling and eating pea pods. Last week, she ate the whole container from our produce-delivery company in one sitting.


*N.Lo can, in fact, throw a good tantrum, and as a professional Manager, I thought it my duty to take some pictures.

P1050577 P1050609


*For Manager’s Day, the Outsourcer helped K.Lo’s class paint their mommies, and we picked them up a week later, having to guess which one was ours hanging on the line. I didn’t have a hard time finding mine!

 P1050613 P1050614


*The CEO found a wiggle-worm sprinkler on clearance and the employees have been having some fun.

P1050621 P1050615 P1050616 P1050617 P1050618 P1050619 P1050620

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2 peanuts:
  1. almost anonymous says:

    My brother once told his Sunday school class, "Please pray for my mom. Her hair looks like a bush." Ahhh, perms of the '80s.

    (I think he may have been repeating what she'd said about her own new 'do, but still.)

    Your Manager's Day likeness, on the other hand, is fabulous!

    Random aside, my WF is ideninco. Totally makes me think it should be some big corporate something in a movie or TV show.

  1. ~sarah says:

    ha ha! gotta love the honesty. i guess now is, or maybe is not, the time to ask if certain things make your butt look big. probably depends on how much closet cleaning you want to do. : )

    so she's eating the peas? or the pea pods?

    sounds like n.lo may be having a reaction to the acid in the fruit? both blueberries and watermelon are more acidic than you'd think.