K.Lo, in her fourth performance at preschool (one at the end of each “semester”) finally sang. Despite forewarnings to the contrary (“I don’t want to go to preschool. I like singing at home, but not at preschool. I want you to stay with me, Mommy…”), she stood with her class, she didn’t hide behind the piano. She sang and even smiled and did the hand motions of “Peanut Butter, Jelly.” These pictures really aren’t the greatest, but they do warm more heart quite a bit! Videos to come.


[The theme was based on one of our favorite books, If You Take a Mouse to School. Each kid wore mouse ears and a backpack.]






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  1. ~sarah says:

    Yay!!! She did a show! Good for her. You just wait, manager, now that she has a taste of show biz, you're gonna have a broadway star on your hands! : ) The word verification agrees with me because it is "actra," which is totally WV speak for actress. : )