I have no idea where she gets it from, but K.Lo says things like, whatever (in the most withering of tones), totally, like, and just saying. There’s two problems here: 1. My employee talks like a teenager. 2. I, apparently, talk like a teenager, too.


K.Lo’s Killer Memory lives on: We went to see colleagues we hadn’t visited since, oh, December. In that time, they’d had their new-to-them office painted green. I almost drive right by. K.Lo looked puzzled as we pulled into the driveway, and said, “It’s green?” I said, “Well, what color was it before?” I didn’t remember, but I wanted to see if she did. “Brown,” she said. And sure enough…


She’d also really like to go to Chili’s, where we ate dinner once months and months and months ago… N.Lo had a corn dog, and she wants to order one, next time.


Santa came up in conversation one day: “Is he at the North Pole… right now? Well, what does he do there?” There’s a whole other toy-making world to be imagined the rest of the year…


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2 peanuts:
  1. Beth says:

    Seriously, the faces? She's too much! I like how you posted them in a sort of photo-booth strip fashion. Cute.

    This morning Ben said, "What the hecks?!" and I thought, "Do I say that? Ew." But apparently I do (minus the -s of course).......

  1. Andria says:

    love this post and those expressions! she seems so grown up!