I’ve taken a few more pictures of N.Lo asleep at his desk, because the cuteness never really gets old. This picture was taken the day the Manager lost “other blankie” twice around town: first, at Time Warner Cable, and secondly at the grocery store. While the employee has 2 other security items (pictured), the permanent loss of the 3rd would have been quite traumatic… The Manager sort of felt like taking a nap at her desk that afternoon, too.




This one looks like a scene… In reality, N.Lo likes to flip over that chair and sit on it upside down, and that’s K.Lo’s cup misplaced carelessly on the floor. A few minutes later, he woke up and went to bed in his room. 



The company went with the CEO on Friday to his volleyball match, and it worked out pretty well. This year, the employees can (mostly) get past all the noise and activity and focus on what’s really important: the giant sandbox under their feet. Settling into the Night Shift afterward was a bit rough, but the trouble was still worth it overall. The CEO and his mini-me perhaps showed up to the game looking a little bit alike.


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