Brief Memo: Housekeeping does not appreciate employee critiques of office cleanliness. Suggests picking up dust cloth and getting to work if employees have issue.


K.Lo was a flower girl this weekend! The rehearsal on Friday was, uh, interesting, with all signs pointing to a possibly public meltdown and non-performance on Saturday. However, K.Lo processed the location information and assignment requirements overnight, and pulled out a stellar (by which the Manager means darling) performance for our friends’ wedding. N.Lo looked mighty snazzy in his tie as well.


P1050671 flowergirl


N.Lo has been sort of a mess since Monday. Wait, is it only Tuesday? It seems like it’s been such a long, long work week already… Yesterday he ran a mild fever all day, and with no other symptoms aside from extreme crabbiness, the Manager wondered if he might be cutting some molars. Even though he already has them all? Maybe he doesn’t. We might never know, however, because the Manager checked and sustained a decidedly un-fun finger bite. Today, the fever seemed to subside, until the evening, in which he clocked out for the Night Shift in the Conference Room almost an hour early. Aw.


Also, he has a new cry. It’s more… passionate. Guttural, or something. Basically, it’s harder to block out, which does not please the Manager. Or K.Lo, who ran down the hall yesterday afternoon with her hands over her ears, shouting, “I have to get out of here! It’s too loud!”


K.Lo started crying at Outsourcer drop-off again, panicking at being left alone in preschool, as well as the gym daycare. What in the world? It’s only mild histrionics, but still.


Today was the last official day of preschool! Thursday starts “summer camp,” which is basically the same place, same time, same cost… more play, less curriculum. K.Lo recalls something about an orange tent, possibly from last year’s camp. She is looking forward to the end of the summer already because (in honor of the new school year), she’s “going to get a NEW LUNCHBOX!” Today, she requested Dora. Tomorrow, who knows what the choice will be.


K.Lo is fantastic at “find” games, such as those in Highlights for Kids. Noting here, as I’m not sure I’ve mentioned in the past. She has an eye for details. 


N.Lo is currently obsessed with the song “Suddenly I See” by K.T. Tunstall. The Manager doesn’t lie. “I want the ‘I See’ song!” is a commonly heard refrain the company car.


One afternoon, in a random fit of bossiness, K.Lo created and taped up a sign for the Manager’s likeness that says (according to K.Lo), “DON’T WALK IN FRONT OF THE MOMMY PICTURE.” If one does so at the wrong time, one will be severely reprimanded while referred to said sign.




Our office was most fortunate in scoring a second basketball hoop for our outdoor office space (two hoops = a full court!), as well as a small bike with training wheels, a large tricycle, a plastic scooter, and a Big Wheel from a giving company – all free. Employees (and Management) are thrilled. K.Lo loves the Big Wheel at the moment, and N.Lo seems to favor the tricycle. The Big Wheel, according to K.Lo, has a TV on it, in which she watches “Team UmiZoomi.” It’s very high-tech.

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3 peanuts:
  1. ooooh, that's where you've been!

  1. Andria says:

    yay, so glad she pulled through! what a relief! The top picture is classic. One that will somehow personify "childhood" It reminds me of the old pictures of like my parents growing up with their siblings and/or cousins. .it just seems reminiscent of dressing up for Easter and taking pictures outside in front of the house and the great faces. . is it just me? am I making any sense?

    I hope N.Lo's funk is over soon!

    Love the creative mixed with moods - it can be quite entertaining!

  1. pen says:

    Classic picture - yes, it makes perfect sense. :) One for the books, for sure.

    N.Lo... what is going on with my N.Lo.