N.Lo does not love the Outsourcer. The first day, he made it through like a champ, whereas K.Lo cried because it was a new room with new teachers for the “summer camp” season. The second day, K.Lo was just fine, but it began to dawn on N.Lo that this drop-off business was going to be a regular thing, and he cried. A lot. He does okay if he has his blankie, and the teachers don’t mind that he has his blankie, but it’s still kind of painful for all. On Day 3, both N.Lo and K.Lo cried, and I left the building feeling like a measly Manager.


N.Lo is used to drop-off at Exercise Place and our church nursery – but he is always in the company of his coworker. It’s interesting to see just how dependent he’s become on his coworker… more in an endearing way than anything. But it will be good for him to stand on his own two feet. On Day 3, I was actually asked whether they should just push through the tears and keep him there (oh dear – is it that bad?) or call me to come get him. It’s a pain for all, but I advised to push through. Otherwise, he’ll learn if he cries enough, he doesn’t have to stay – as opposed to opening up to the experience and eventually having a good time like his sister.


On the way home from Day 3, I tried asking N.Lo about his teachers and his day to get him talking about it all, and he said, “Um. I want K.Lo to talk.” Huh! He knows he can hide behind her chattiness!


Now, of course, N.Lo is crying at Exercise Place dropoff, too. Sigh.


On to more positive news! Courtesy of the Regional Manager, N.Lo was provided with a new pack of undies and on Sunday, K.Lo suggested he wear them after his bath. He was all excited about the prospect, so we went with it, and had several successes in the Employee Rest Room. Go, N.Lo! After three accidents, however, we quit for the day. I think he was getting tired of the whole process, and I don’t want to push the issue, especially with the Outsourcer goings-on. We are not in a hurry.


Our company celebrated CEO’s Day yesterday – Yay for the CEO! He is the best ever, and we couldn’t dream of a better one to head up our company. We set up a new digital frame – replacing the one for his office that broke – loaded up with 2010 company photos, as well as cards the employees had made at the Outsourcer. And while he slept in, the rest of the company went to the grocery store to procure some important items, such as donuts, bacon (to go with bacon and eggs) and steak for dinner. We arrived home just in time for the CEO’s clock-out from the Night Shift, and the employees ran down the hall to see him. K.Lo said, “Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! I love you!” And N.Lo said, “Happy Father’s Day WE GOT YOU STEAK!” Yes, that was all one sentence. One highly awesome sentence.


The employees learned (somewhere…) to say “Girls rule and boys drool!” and the patently false vice versa. The coworkers compete, usually in the cafeteria, with their respective phrases, and N.Lo struggles to piece his together because he’s so anxious to get to the subsequent “YEAH!” and fist pump.


K.Lo still fawns over Bailey and calls her the favorite, because she’s cute and sweet and cuddly. Whereas Bender is grumpy and growls. But she still loves Bender a lot. Nicknames for each of the Canine Staff are “Bailey Brownie” and “Bender Batater.”


More employee files to come.

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2 peanuts:
  1. almost anonymous says:

    Hope the drop-off transition resolves itself soon, so you're no longer stuck between the rock and the hard place.

    The steak comment...priceless.

  1. ~sarah says:

    Even at such a young age, guys loooove their steak. : )