Management has been determined to make a trip to the zoo for awhile now, and we finally committed. It’s a great zoo, a natural habitat zoo, with a lot of large, open spaces that mimic the animals’ home environs. Yesss, the Manager realizes all arguments that zoos exploit animals for the purpose of entertaining humans… We enjoyed ourselves, however, and appreciated the lack of cages and amazing animals who did not appear very tortured. Here are the highlights. Please note my zoom wasn’t a-workin’’ at all, the effect of which was more amusing than anything…








cougar, napping



N.Lo looking at more gators 



K.Lo saying, gimmee your camera! (please)



she wanted to take a few pictures of the gators and the “dead, icky dragonfly”

P1050713 P1050712 P1050710


there’s a giraffe in this photo, somewhere



a bald eagle – injured and rescued, no longer able to fly



seeea lions




hi, sea lion! hi!



puffins, possibly the greatest word and bird ever



we didn’t think we’d see any polar bears due to warm weather, buuut…


P1050735 P1050734

that was probably my favorite moment of the day


this water/paintbrush/giant chalkboard may have been the employees’ fav



(a kid N.Lo’s size fell in the other bucket minutes later. scary. his grandma felt terrible.)



P1050748 P1050753 P1050754



lots of sculptures/photo ops throughout the zoo





helicoptor like those used in elephant tracking… had to be tested out by all employees – er, the CEO and the employees






more elephants, both babes I think



the rhino sculpture… first pose reminded me of the elephant challenge in antm thailand


P1050773  P1050776


the real rhinos… cough. somewhere off in the distance.



egg sculpture




favorite picture of the day right here:



more sculpture climbing and photo op

 P1050789 P1050790


we *just* missed lemur playtime! they were all taking an afternoon nap in that log.



chimpanzees, with one on the rock looking very thoughtful.



k.lo then proceeded to take about 10 shots that looked just like this one…



Manager and staff chimp sculpture



some super-awesome river hogs with whippy, fly-swatting ears



there’s a lady lion sleeping back there



and an ostrich! and more giraffe specks!



Overall, highly excellent company excursion, in spite of the camera-zoom fail.

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7 peanuts:
  1. somebodys mom says:

    What a perfect day at the zoo!

  1. erin j says:

    Did you roast??? I'm so glad the polar bear was active! That's my favorite. So many of the animals were sleeping cause of the heat when we went. We got a membership to the aquarium just to go to the zoo though and are gong back in October/November...when it is Did you drive up and back in the same day?
    It is ranked one of the most humane zoos in the US. They really do an excellent job with the animals and keeping them healthy and happy!!!
    Glad you had fun!!!

  1. pen says:

    Amazingly, we did not roast! It wasn't quite as hot, certainly not as humid as here, and there was the occasional breeze. We were really surprised considering the weather all week.

    I was figuring it had be one of the most humane zoos. It's really beautiful. I completely understand the arguments against them... but for a zoo, this one ain't so bad! :)

  1. well... ooook. ;)

    your ultra distant shots are hilarious.

  1. pen says:

    Thought those would amuse you. ;) If only I had a digital red pen to circle the animals.

  1. Andria says:

    yay! so proud of you for finally making it! I remember it well - fantastic zoo. You got a lot more action out of the polar bear than we did when we went 1 1/2 years ago! He was actually injured or had a rash or something when we were there and was just sleeping with a big sign about his bloody fur and yes, they knew about it and were treating it and don't be alarmed! I remember the helicopter, especially. Too funny on the distant shots! Glad the heat was bearable.

  1. pen says:

    Poor polar bear! He came out just as we were about to leave. Highly awesome. And a guide told us that there are snow sprayers back there. Neato.