• Today, neither employee cried at drop-off to the Outsourcer. I won’t say it’s not going to happen ever again, but today, it was pleasant. Refreshing.
  • N.Lo has a chair at the Outsourcer that anchors him. It’s green. He sits there now at drop-off and will often be sitting there when I pick him up. It’s his Safe Place. I’m not arguing.
  • He doesn’t like to talk much about his day there. He might insist that he cried or didn’t have fun, even if it’s not true. When asked about his friends’ names, he thinks a bit and says, “Umm… something.” K.Lo usually offers so much information without us asking and has to be told to pipe down if we want to ask N.Lo anything at all. Funny to see the differences in personalities.
  • We’ve been training here and there with the Employee Rest Room. N.Lo sometimes cares, sometimes doesn’t. He can’t really wear pants to train, not yet. Yesterday, I intended on some afternoon training, but instead he fell asleep on the Conference Room floor. Pants-less.
  • K.Lo lately likes her My Little Pony’s hair to be scented… I don’t know where this came from. But, I’ll spray some scenty stuff from Bath & Body Works there, and she seems satisfied. She’ll tell everyone she sees, “Smell my pony’s hair, doesn’t it smell so good?” Today, N.Lo had a bit of an accident on one of the ponies, and K.Lo said, “Oh no! My pony doesn’t smell good anymore?” Unfortunately, it didn’t.
  • K.Lo likes to say things like, “Mommy, I’m a big girl now! I can hang my clothes in the closet, and pour my own juice, and…”
  • She really can pour her own juice. This involves pulling the big juice container down from the counter, unscrewing the cap, pouring just a little bit, replacing the cap, and filling the rest of the cup with water. She taught herself. After so many years of filling a seemingly endless parade of juice cups, Management nearly fainted.
  • Also, she’s transitioned, for the time being, to calling Management “Mom” and “Dad,” instead of “Mommy” and “Daddy.” I feel it’s too soon.
  • The CEO is working extra (temporarily) at his Other Job, so he’s gone in the morning at the start of the Day Shift. The employees say, “Where’s Daddy?” when they wake up, followed by, “But I forgot to give him a kiss.” It’s a little sad.
  • When Management asks N.Lo to complete a certain task, he often likes to say, “No,” followed by, “Never!” – which he punctuates by stabbing the air overhead with his pointer finger.


A “negative space” picture drawn by K.Lo on our company excursion last week.



N.Lo shucks some corn while wearing his coworker’s rain boots.



K.Lo, presenting Leaf Frog Art, created today at the Outsourcer by both employees.


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5 peanuts:
  1. erin j says:

    I have noticed that EJ calls me mom when he wants my attention to something he deems REALLY important...but mommy still pops up and I don't want it to go away... alas.
    If GJ meeds my attention for something REALLY important, I get "HEY ERIN!" sigh.

  1. pen says:

    Ha ha ha! I love that. :)

    K.Lo seems to be testing out the feel of the words. She says them with pretty much every sentence. "Hey Mom, Mom. Look at this, Mom." I miss "mommy."

  1. Andria says:

    I didn't notice how much Wyatt still called me "Mommy" until my sister pointed out how it's fairly common, because I respond with, "Wy-ee" because it's usually in a whiny or request-bordering-on-demand way.
    I love the picture of K.Lo in the frog leaf art. And very cool idea, indeed.

    (nice new, clean look! Love the Twitter birdie)

  1. pen says:

    Funny - sometimes I say "K.La" in response to "mama." :)

    And thanks! I wanted something cleaner, but still had to keep the monsters in a small way.

  1. Beth says:

    I love the "No ..... Never!"