One of our favorite companies was kind enough to host us again at the Lake House this 4th of July, and our whole company, including the Canine Staff, had a blast. N.Lo wasn’t afraid of the water this time, and K.Lo often jumped off the dock without her life jacket—as long as you were there to “jump her off the dock.” (I’m quite sure she could do it all by herself.) We floated, we played, we read, we ate, we lazed. We played Mermaids. We watched fireworks, covered our ears and cried. We stayed up late, but didn’t sleep too badly. The Manager might even have been persuaded to ride a jet ski. And the CEO was maybe even kind enough not to throw her off.


With over so many pics to sort through, it’ll have to be an album. (Thanks to Andi and Ash for their mad camera skills…) Can’t wait ‘til the next time around!


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  1. Andria says:

    LikeLikeLike! Fun times.

  1. somebodys mom says:


  1. pen says:

    Took so long to get the album uploaded, I didn't think it was going to happen. :) Glad it finally worked!