• N.Lo, the little dear, has had a cold, courtesy of the Manager. His ended up worse than mine, however, with lots of sniffles and coughing today. Yesterday, his energy was still up, so he did go to preschool, upon his own insistence. “I am not sick!” But then he cried at drop-off. Managers can’t win! I told the teacher to call me if he acted sluggish, but he ended up staying the whole time and having a reportedly “great day.”


  • The employees made paper plate pinwheels attached to a ribbon at the Outsourcer, and at K.Lo’s request, each are hanging from their respective beds. Cute.


  • The Purchasing Department didn’t realize we were so low on Pull-Ups, so N.Lo spent the entire work day training in the Employee Rest Room. Only one accident! The Manager felt like a broken record with the number of times she reminded the employee to use the potty, but still. What an achievement! He wore pants and/or underpants for much of the day as well.


  • The Manager notices a pattern with employee work styles, especially in regards to office supplies. N.Lo uses toys in a fairly standard manner – not saying he lacks imagination, but tools stay with tools, cars stay with cars, etc. K.Lo, on the other hand, is a master re-purposer, always has been. She loves to fill containers with tiny pieces of a game or set and call it something else. One of my favorite recent instances of re-purposing came with a set of puffy Hello Kitty stickers. She invited us each to pick one, and whichever one we wore on our shirt, we were instructed to say (or sing), “Such-and-such pow-er! Ksssssh.” I picked a seed packet sticker, so it was “Seed pack-et power! Ksssssh.” Like some cartoon she watches, I’m not sure which. One’s super-hero power is contained within the sticker – or badge.


  • K.Lo has also been asking to wear makeup, usurping a small makeup kit of the Manager’s, with the CEO’s permission to use it at home, only when playing, in the Manager’s presence. Because we don’t want her to be one of those scary small children who wear makeup. But when playing (at home, playing, in the Manager’s presence), the results are interesting, indeed. :) You look great, K.Lo!

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  1. almost anonymous says:

    Sounds like some good ground rules with the makeup :)

    My cousin's daughter has taken to making "soup" with anything that can be collected in a bowl.