What else has been happening at the Lo.Co.?

A little bit of Mrs. Potato Head design…

P1050845 P1050846 P1050847


The CEO and employees created new wind chimes using pieces of an old set, along with some spoons. All K.Lo’s idea.



Fort-building and occupation… and a difficult time getting both employees to sit still, look at the camera simultaneously, and smile.

 P1050853 P1050854 P1050855 P1050856 P1050857


And an N.Lo on my back. He climbed up there against the Manager’s wishes during a meeting in the Conference Room. See those bruises? Poor N.Lo, still bumping into everything…


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2 peanuts:
  1. Andria says:

    fabulous. love seeing their smiling faces and creativity. the pictures look so fresh (good lighting)

  1. pen says:

    thank you. it's lucky, considering my broken, non-zooming camera. :)