On Monday, the Lo. Co. went on a company excursion with the Regional Manager to a previously unexplored Life + Science Museum. We enjoyed a (pretend) dinosaur walk, a small farm tour, a fossil dig, a butterfly house, a brief black bear sighting, a train ride, and a musical jam session with sticks, bells and drums. After lunch, we learned about weather, geology, space travel, and various small creatures (not all of them lovely). The employees were very well behaved on this excellent excursion! Here are photo highlights.


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2 peanuts:
  1. Somebodys mom says:

    What a cool photo series! Looks like it wasn't crowded. What was the large metal bowl/circle that has the steam or fog rising from it? Is that a drum or other noisemaker that N-LO has his arm raised over, does it spin?
    Love the dino garden... I want a brontosaurus(?) head peaking out over my garden.

  1. pen says:

    Nope, wasn't too crowded, which was great. The large metal bowl was a cloud simulator, very cool. The drums and other noisemakers were stationary, but all made great noises. On the metal one, there was everything from dustpans to fire extinguishers to cowbells. I wanted to do captions, but the album took several hours to post - technical difficulties - and I couldn't deal with it anymore. :)