• P1050978What does one do with an employee who is always falling asleep in his cubicle, taking unscheduled breaks? It’s a bit concerning. N.Lo’s missed dinner more than a handful of times over the past few weeks, and today slept in until 9AM, only to have an 11AM meltdown, followed by a self-imposed nap. Perhaps it’s a growth spurt, or simply a new work habit? The Kitchen Staff wonders if the employee needs more iron…




  • P1050984K.Lo requested that I blow-dry her hair yesterday. The blow-dryer is, after 4 1/2 years, finally not a terrifying machine, but a curiosity. As K.Lo often bathes before bed and sleeps on wet hair, the outcome of the daytime blow-dry produced quite a different effect. It’s kind of lovely!







  • P1050981N.Lo’s been drawing people, specifically the CEO. In fact, most pictures are both of the CEO and for the CEO. It’s best not to suggest otherwise, being so presumptuous as to think the picture is, for instance, for you. Because you would be wrong. 








  • P1050982K.Lo, being four and a HALF (do not, under any circumstances, leave out the “half”), as well as TALL, feels the world unjust as far as what she is and is not allowed to do. Isn’t 4 1/2 years old practically grown-up? Isn’t she, as she suggested the other day, going to be a teenager soon? In some cases, the employee’s spirit cannot be quashed, and the Manager finds it best to simply let her try a desired activity, such as painting her own fingernails. But in other instances, such as painting office walls, Management must officially deny the request. That one’s for grown-ups, kid, sorry.


  • One of K.Lo’s favorite things to do lately is ask me words to spell, so she can copy out all the letters on paper. Usually it’s our names, sometimes it’s objects from around the room. N.Lo often follows suit, saying all the same things, but drawing his own version of the letters. “Mommy, how do you spell my name? [writes a ‘letter’] Okay, and what else?”

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  1. AcidRayne says:

    Teach her to spell "sushi" :D