K.Lo hates:
the vacuum cleaner

But apparently one (the vacuum cleaner) can beget the other (sleep). For as difficult as the Bug is to get down for a nap or bedtime? Lo and behold, I bring out the vacuum cleaner today and she runs screaming down the hall to her bedroom, which makes me laugh because I'm totally mean. And by the time I've vacuumed my way back there to take care of her room and check her status, she's curled up in her bed with her doll and blanket, completely out. I'll have to vacuum in there later, but in the meantime--?! Although maybe I'm onto something: clean floors and a sleeping child. It could work.

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3 peanuts:
  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent use of multi-tasking. This start-up company obviously has brilliant prospects!

    Great idea for a new blog, Pen!

  1. must say you have obviously warped child for life! she will live in fear (and filth), trembling at the mere thought of vacuums....will be in thearaoy for years...
    on the plus side...she slept!!! ;) that story freaking rocks!

  1. Andria says:

    I think she could come to like vacuums - they seem to put both of my employees to sleep, something soothing about the noise, beyond the initial startle.

    LOVE the new creative blog - you and mendacious really are a power team. I think this spin off will really do well, even for the parent company. It's good to diversify.