Attention all employees,

Happy Friday! TGITDBYDISHFTW! (That is, Thank God it's the Day Your Daddy is Home for the Weekend.) Join us in the backyard for our weekly celebration, this week honoring the following:

  • K.Lo spending 3 consecutive and entire nights sleeping in her own room.
  • N.Lo, after a whole week, finally pooping.

Watered-down white grape juice will be the beverage of choice, and we will of course be joined by our Very Special Guests, Bender and Bailey. See you out by the sandbox, don't be late.

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3 peanuts:
  1. i am totally amused. !.


    well done.

  1. so glad there is poop in your house!!! ;)

  1. Love it! says:

    Love the PenelOccupation!
    You and your team are clearly in the running for the best workplace of the year!