Dear Twoville Offices,

May hail, earthquakes, fires and floods befall your compound. Total obliteration would be ideal.

I hear you have a nice playground there, over in Twoville. Thanks ever so much for inviting my employee to your recent worshop, titled All the Office is a Playground, and teaching her just that. In the past several days, K.Lo has climbed to the top of her bunk bed, from chair to chair in the Cafeteria, onto the Break Room coffee table to eat her breakfast, and most mortifyingly, from booth to windowsill to booth at a recent company excursion to the pizza place.

In order to bring this situation under control, The Manager has had to pull out some moves from the CEO's instructional training videos on Ultimate Fighting. While I am resolute in you deconstructing your teachings, you should know that I do not approve in the least of your attempts to undermine my authority. That is all.

The Lo. Co. Manager
K.Lo seems to think these things are everywhere.

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3 peanuts:
  1. mmm undermining authority. that is a fav.

  1. Megan says:

    Ah, Twoville, the place you can't buy a ticket out of, no matter how damn hard you try!

    I'll tell you what you can buy, however, and that's a bottle of wine. Cheers! :)