To: K.Lo
Cc: The Managerial Staff
From: The Manager
Re: Use of the Employee Rest Room

Per employee request, The Manager and/or CEO will reward K.Lo for using the Employee Rest Room in the following manner:

A candle will be lit.
Happy Birthday will be sung.
K.Lo will blow out the candle.
The Managerial Staff on hand will applaud wildly.


This Incentive Program was formed by a complete and utter fluke, wherein The Manager happened to have a lit candle on the kitchen counter, and K.Lo happened to pee (finally) on the potty for the very first time in her short career. The Manager applauded wildly in response to this momentous occasion, and K.Lo, with a shining look on her little face, requested Happy Birthday and to blow out the candle. Clearly The Manager would have been silly not to comply.

Though I make it all sound so easy. It wasn't, it isn't. It was a long, horrible day at the office. K.Lo is currently uncomfortable with all pieces of the employee uniform. Her hair's a wreck, and if The Manager tries to fix it, she smacks herself in the face. She wants the Pull-Ups on, she wants them off. She wants the underwear on, she wants the underwear off. She wants to climb anything she is able. She screams, she cries. She throws herself around. She is not easily distracted by other work projects. I feel completely sorry for her, but in response, have not exactly been in a cheerful mood.

But, she peed in the potty. Twice. We sang Happy Birthday, twice.

And now, The Manager is having a drink. That is all.

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4 peanuts:
  1. Megan says:

    I will join you in the Happy Birthday chorus for K.Lo! What a great story to tell her later, though!

  1. Andria says:

    Congrats!! That is a very big accomplishment indeed. And what a wonderful reward system you have established for your company. It makes for great stories, at least. I bet you felt like having cake with your adult beverage after all that is going on in your office. Good luck. .I wish you many more blown candles and singing.

  1. Happy Birthday!!!! AWESOME!!!! May you be totally sick of the song within a week! (I say that with loving hope that K-Lo continues to pee...what are you going to do if she poops? Stand on your head and sing! hehehehe.... it'd be worth it to never have to buy another diaper for her!)
    Sorry the rest of the day was insane! Have a drink for me!

  1. penelope says:

    If she poops, I think I'll make her a cake!