A long, long time ago, in a company far, far from here, a young Manager-in-Training diligently, repeatedly, watched a motivational training video called Annie. Her own Manager made her a uniform, and the employee sang, quoted and otherwise devoted much of her workday to hailing this instructional movie.

Fast-forward a couple decades and some change, and this young employee has become The Manager of her own company, with a small girl named K.Lo under her employ. K.Lo is equally, if not more so, diligent in watching this all-important motivational training video called Annie. She wears the uniform that has been passed along to her by the Regional Manager. She sings, she dances, she quotes. The Manager could not be more pleased, entertained, proud.

While I've catalogued some of these snippets overheard in the vicinity of K.Lo's cubicle, here they all are in one place:
*"Come here, Sandy, come here." And, "Good ol' Sandy!"
*"Sandy's his name..." And, "ask fleas."
*"Dumb dog." [Although possibly this line isn't from the movie.]
*"Maybe far away..." [Jumbled lyrics and tune, but definitely recognizable.]
*"To-morrow! I love you! To-morrow! A day away..."
*"We got Annie!"
*"Hard-knock life..." [Also jumbled lyrics and tune, but recognizable.]
*"Think I'm gonna like it here!"
*"Turn the kitchen light off!" [From "Let's Go to the Movies," perfectly on cue.]
*Shrieking just like Lily St. Regis during "Easy Street."
*Pleading "Please!" with very same intonation as Annie when she's climbing the train tracks to escape Rooster. Clearly needing juice is an equally intense situation.
*Somersaults during "Hard-Knock Life"
*Also during "Hard-Knock," disappearing and returning with pillow for the pillow fight.
*And finally, returning to the office from a company excursion today, The Manager said to K.Lo, "Let's go see Daddy." In response, K.Lo murmured, "Daddy Warbucks?"

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4 peanuts:
  1. how funny! i love(d) annie! my office didn't have training videos but i did get to go on an office outing to see the training movie in a multi-office setting. my parents did purchase the training audio tape for rousing choruses of tomorrow!
    one of my last productions before becoming pregnant was Annie... I was a Boylen Sister...complete with bad blonde wig! i'll show you pictures one day...maybe...

  1. Megan says:

    I wasn't a huge Annie fan but now I want to be! K.Lo in your/her uniform is so cute... You already have Halloween taken care of, six months in advance!

    Daddy Warbucks?! :)

  1. penelope says:

    The CEO says he's "Daddy No-bucks," but apparently the employee sees it differently?

    Oh, Erin, you are DEFINITELY going to show me the lovely Boylen sister picture!

  1. Andria says:

    I LOVE this report! I have got to get back to the store and get our copy of this training video. .Dellaina talks about it and hasn't even seen it yet! Daddy Warbucks/no bucks, oh, that's priceless!

    PS Is it me, or are these word verifications getting harder to read?