*New K.Lo-isms
When approaching church, department store, and other large buildings: "Ooooo, castle!"
Referring to the belt The Manager wears with pants: "The Manager's seat belt!"
When assisting N.Lo: "Where's the burp cloth? I need the burp cloth!"
Clocking into the Morning Shift: "I need breakfast!"

*N.Lo's biggest complaint the in the cafeteria these days is Managerial speed when administering solid food. The spoon simply cannot travel fast enough from the food container to his mouth. The Manager wonders if he'd perhaps like a straw to eat the pears? Further, N.Lo is proving himself to be a fantastic eater, plowing through the entire contents of Stage 2 fruits and vegetables. This employee may eat the company out of business!

*Yesterday, Management allowed K.Lo to retrieve a wayward office supply from the grounds independently. The Manager wish to extend accolades to K.Lo, who handled the excursion with utmost decorum and efficiency.

*A big day for our office: On a recent company excursion to Costco, N.Lo sat in the cart for the first time, rather than his infant carrier.

*Best quote found this week from Managerial Training Materials: "Your job is to keep your [employees] from killing their little fool selves. It'll get better."

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3 peanuts:
  1. That IS a good quote.

    It does get better, and we get through it. You're doing a great job, I think.

  1. penelope says:

    Thank you. Sometimes that is just nice to hear. :)

  1. Megan says:

    Your seat belt! I love it! Perhaps you wear one of those at work because it's a bumpy ride? :)