Last night, N.Lo required assistance with his work on the Night Shift, somehow getting his arm stuck between the bars of his cubicle. I dislodged the arm, patted his back, and helped him back to sleep. K.Lo, on the other hand, was mortally offended at her coworker's request for assistance, and proceeded to pitch a dead-of-the-night fit, which proceeded as follows:

K.Lo: [Incoherent screams, thrashing.]

The Manager: K.Lo, you need to go back to sleep. The Manager needs to sleep, K.Lo needs to sleep. The whole company needs to sleep so that we will all feel good in the morning.

K.Lo: Why not! Why not!

[She is saying "why not" because The Manager, in a recent moment of poor strategy asked the employee "Why not?" when she refused to go on Afternoon Break. Dumb, pitiful sap of a Manager.]

The Manager: I don't know why not. You tell me!

K.Lo [completely whining]: Why not...

The Manager [beginning to see that this conversation is more than ridiculous, cuts to the chase]: Are you scared? What's scaring you?

K.Lo: N.Lo scared... [Translation: N.Lo is scaring and/or bothering me.]

The Manager: Do you want N.Lo to leave?

K.Lo [pitifully]: N.Lo leave...

And there went my primal scream. Perhaps you heard me in the still of the night, all the way from my office to yours?

Maybe I shouldn't have asked the question; probably I shouldn't have. But the disgruntling truth of the matter is that the question does beg examination by the Managerial Staff: Is yet another corporate restructure in order?

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2 peanuts:
  1. thought i heard something in the middle of the night...thought maybe someone was torturing bunnies... hmmmmm....
    hope tonight goes better!

  1. *sigh*

    It was really good of you to ask about her real feelings, even though they were unpleasant ones. My daughter has expressed similar feelings about her little brother from time to time, and we even joke about it occasionally.